John Wiley Spiers

Before you consider a consultant, read about the Hawthorne Effect, so you can be a good consumer of consulting, or at least not waste your money.  My consulting is actually technology-transfer, in which my expertise is lodged with people within your organization. The goal is customers, or more customers.

Past projects include export of services, import crop seeds for propagation and re-export, and export of fruit.  I tend toward projects that are personally interesting.

“Our best customers today, for the most part, fall into that category you identified would be our most fertile ground...  we grew from 1 tradelane and $3M revenue to 5 tradelanes and $17M.... I look forward to discussing some other current trends and ideas with you in the near future.”

Peter A. Lindsey

Manager, Pacific Northwest Sales

SeaLand Service, Inc

You've given us vital information - you've saved us time, energy, frustration and money. We'll be consulting you further!

Jan Dean, Bothell, WA