Export USA Food Sales Now!


First, you turn raw trade data into target market intelligence only you have. You show buyers overseas why they should buy from you.

Second, you create an export sales offer for that market.

Third, you post it on your website (or the offer becomes your webpage) for passive marketing worldwide.  (Here too, forget everything you “know” about using the internet.)

Fourth, you engage in active marketing, going directly to the decision maker in the actual company in the target country for the agreement on need.

Once the contact is initiated, you continue through the sales process directly with the decision maker.  When sales warrant, you graduate to trade shows.

Bonus: Working trade shows right.

Expect to have within six weeks at a cost of no more than $200 an export order or the reason why not, from a qualified buyer overseas.  You will be engaged with the buyers, whose opinions are the only ones that matter.

Whether you produce the food or beverages, or both, yourself or wish to trade as an export agent, we have a course for you.

We have three options for you:

  1. 1.There is enough information on my blog if you for you to read through and figure it out on your own...  be my guest!

  2. 2.Live online courses led by John Wiley Spiers. Register through a local college and join a cohort benefitting from the rational process and shared effort.  More Information here...

  3. 3.Contract in-house training.  $2500 for the day plus travel expenses.  Email John Spiers.

In all cases, the training is technology transfer and applicable immediately, with unlimited follow-up after the training.


I have considerable experience in international business, but I am always looking for new and exciting ideas.  When I learned of your MOQ FOB concept, it was as if a light was turned on.  The MOQ FOB approach is simple yet elegant; it is straightforward and professional; saves both you and the potential (real) buyer valuable time.  Additionally, your idea of looking for the smaller (trial) order first makes so much more sense, when working to land a new customer.


I have thoroughly enjoyed your class and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in international business - whether seasoned professional or college business student.  Your selection of material and the presentation of it (again, simple but elegant) truly contains something for everyone.

Bill Jennings


After taking John’s webinar on the ins and outs of exporting, I was so impressed that I asked him countless questions through email and forced him to be my mentor.:>)

The “IMPORT” button you see on my web site is his creation and just what potential importers are looking for.  John’s knowledge is vast and his philosophy is invaluable.

I was blessed to have his exporting help at a recent international trade show and we shall soon see the fruits of our labor.  Another one of his talents is his knack for creating just the right verbiage on follow-up letters.

Arnel McAtee


The procedure was easy to understand and one important factor you have a copy of the online transcript to review at your leisure. Discussions online are answered by the Instructor as well as others, you are encourage to ask questions and have them answered.

The course is the most complete one on Exporting that I have encountered. There’s lots of relevant material covered, there’s practically everything you need to know to get a true understanding of how to go about establishing your own Export business. You will really enjoy the course and I know you’ll be pleasantly surprise of what it entails. 


J. Severin

Overseas buyers: need best suppliers at low minimum?  Tell us your requirements and we’ll get you a direct offer.  eMail us here for full particulars

For course schedules, click here.

Feel free to eMail John Spiers directly.


Start with the buyer: you are prepared to sell, they are prepared to buy.

Why Export?

Emerging markets spend their increased income on food, and USA quality is in high demand.  Products new overseas yet proven in USA fit the buyer’s need to constantly test new products Understanding this opening and how to exploit it is your advantage.

Why this course?

Forget what you have heard, exporting can be no more difficult and just as profitable as a domestic sale.

Save time and money going straight to a sale.  Don’t waste time learning incoterms, getting labeling approvals, mastering export finance, learning logistics and reading pointless market summaries: go straight to a sale.

Leverage the fact you are small and agile to give you an advantage over the big and slow.

Why Study With

John Spiers?

A 40 year veteran in small business international trade, highly rated by participants and trade associations alike.  He is the only source for the practices taught herein.

Join a cohort now. 

By joining a class now you advance with others and join the larger group of previous participants.  You are free to learn from others and innovate and develop your own unique edge. There are so few people involved in small business int’l trade, the value of such businesses is exponential.

What if you could find untapped market for food and beverage overseas that was just as profitable but no more difficult to serve than a domestic sale?

Forget what you have heard about exporting and come learn a proven strategy to test your product with customers while eliminating all of the problems and risks people commonly associate with exporting. No business is too small to export. Work as an agent if you like.

We go straight at the customer, defined as ready, willing and able to buy your product.  Here you become ready, willing, and able to sell.

You go straight at the buyer during this course.

New Live Online Sessions Every Six Weeks

Gain competitive advantage.

The benefits of more demand and deeper insights available from exporting give producers a competitive edge.

This course is unique in the tactic, tool and attitude is proven but cannot be found anywhere else.  What is available here is necessary and sufficient to begin or grow export sales in food and beverage.