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A very enjoyable experience with a very diversified group of class mates. Some with a great deal of business acumen and others who were clueless. The instructor was able to weigh these factors and deal with them very effectively during the class time without causing offense or hold up the course delivery, which was awesome without visual (eye to eye) or audio contact.

C Parent, Arkansas

You want to start up a small business international trade company, or expand sales now.   This course takes you through the process, saving you time and money.  The course is led by John Spiers and consists of various components:

* Nine live two-hour online weekly lecture/discussions in IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

* textbook reading (How Small Business Trades Worldwide, by John Wiley Spiers)

* youtube videos

*and specific steps performed individually, but shared with other class members via a closed social media group.

The benefits of taking this course:

  1. *You will find the customers you can best serve.

  2. *You will find the products (or services) best suited to your abilities and interests.

  3. * You will learn to find the best partners in the world for your business.

  4. *You will learn to manage risks, and finance this within your means.  Everyone does.

  5. *You will learn to make a place for yourself in a field that continues to grow, regardless of what happens in Washington or Wall Street.

  6. *You will learn what steps matter and why, and what steps commonly taken that you should avoid.

  7. *You will learn to leverage what you have, work with what you have now, to advance your business.

  8. *You will be able to identify opportunities and develop solutions so this becomes a lifelong practice.

  9. *You will have a plan of action you can execute in these nine weeks or on any schedule that suits you.

  10. *You will be able to share what you learn with others.

The course content is summarized at the Content link above. No knowledge or experience of business is necessary, or expected.  The course content is an alternative to what is studied in schools, which necessarily outlines international trade as big business.  We focus on small business, the start-up, and naturally, all businesses start small.  However, knowledge and experience is always a plus, and we do help people who are hoping to expand their present business.

The course is delivered over the internet, and utilizes only the most common and easy internet features.  If you use email and can watch youtube online, you can take this course.

Although this course is strictly noncredit, there are quizzes, so I can assess your progress.

In any event, the course is taken at your own pace, and after the formal nine weeks session, you will be invited to join about 1500 others who have taken this course and are in some way pursuing this field.

And although the course is strictly noncredit, and unaccredited, if and when you complete all of the steps, I will issue you a certificate of completion, in the German style, which summarizes your activities, over my signature.

“Going to take me where I need to go.”  Patricia Stein, San Luis Obsipo, California.

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